Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WIP it up Wednesday, Taming the Preachers Daughter

 Hello all,

This is my first WIP it up post, for my first book! I am so excited to be sharing this all with you. Yes, I am nervous too!  I do have a tentative release date for January the 17th!!

So this is unedited and raw, first things first, the blurb

Savi wanted to be everything she wasn’t. Tired of being the perfect preacher's daughter, she wants to step out of her father’s shadow.
Deciding to go against everything she has been taught and wanting her first summer back from college to be a wild one, she begins to party and she sets her sights on the local lifeguard Eric.

Eric has always had a place in Savi’s heart, secretly she has always wanted to be with him.

After finding out that Eric attends her father’s church and realizing what her father’s church really practices, Savi goes on a downward spiral. Can love conquer her fears?

And now on to the excerpt!

This was the most painful of the spankings she had received. The burning of her bottom was intense, she tried to keep her tears in, but she couldn’t. She knew she needed to learn to control her temper and this was a good reminder of that.

Savi wanted Eric to stop, but at the same time, she liked the physical contact. Her rear end was on fire and she couldn’t handle the stinging sensation.

“Okay Savannah, are you ready to have an adult conversation now?”

“Yes!” She said with passion. She couldn’t wait to get off the table and pull her dress back down over her backside. She knew she had deserved the spanking, but it was still embarrassing.

“When I let you up, I need you to sit down at the table and let me speak until I tell you I am done, do you understand?”

Savi shook her head up and down ferociously, just wanting to get off the table. Eric asked her to sit down, so she quickly pulled the skirt of her dress down and plopped herself into the chair. As her bottom made contact with the chair, it began to throb. She tried to grin through the pain, but it became too much for her, she sat at an angle so her sit spots wouldn’t have contact with the chair.

“Let’s try this again. I think it’s time that you started attending church again. I can tell from our previous attempts at this conversation that you do not agree. Is that correct?”

Savi shook her head no.

“No, it’s not? Then why don’t you enlighten me. What do you think should happen?”

“I have no problem attending church, I just don’t want to go to my dad’s church......

I hope you have enjoyed what I've shared, and I hope you take a look at what these other authors have to share.


  1. Great snippet!! Congrats on the soon to be release date!! It's one of the best feelings in the world having your first book be published! :-)

    1. Thanks, I am excited. I can't wait to see all my hard work finally out for all to see.

  2. Hi Danielle. Congratulations on your upcoming release and for joining the author world. It's a treat and a pleasure to have you on Wipitup. Your first publication has me stirring in my chair. I adore when a good girl goes bad. ☺
    This thing about her fathers church though... I'm stumped and need to know why she is leery of going to 'his' church and what they 'really' teach there.
    More please!

    1. I guess I'll just have to keep you wanting more :) Maybe I'll do another WIP post next week, I'm glad you like what I have shared so far.