Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP it up is back again!

Hello Wipsters!!

I am so excited to be sharing a blog post with you again. I really do enjoy the comments I get from you, you all sure know how to make a girl feel important.

I again will be sharing a little snippet from my sequel to 'Taming the Preachers Daughter' I hope you enjoy it!

“Slow down!” Josalyn screamed “Our lives aren’t worth whatever you are trying to get to.”

“Calm down little one, I’m not going that fast, we’re fine. Just a few more miles and we will be there.”

“No, we are not fine!” Josalyn hollered. “You are scaring me, please just slow down!”

Before they knew it lights lit up Savi’s rear-view mirror, red and blue flashes filled her car.

“Crap! How can this be happening? We have places we need to be.”

“How can this be happening? You’re seriously asking that right now? What is wrong with you? Do you not realize that you really could have hurt someone, including us?” Josalyn screamed.

Looking to Josalyn, she shook her head and turned her attention to the police officer as it approached. “Don’t worry your pretty little self, I got this.” 

Fluffing her hair and fixing her makeup, Savi planned to flirt her way out of the ticket.
She quickly rolled down her window and addressed the officer before it could even speak. The lights were so bright she couldn’t even see who she was speaking with.

“What kin I do ya for officer?” she said with the most country twang she could pull off. “Did I go an do some'tin awful, I sure hope not. It’s my friend, here’s birthday, we jus’ trying to celebrate sir.”

The officer bent down and moved in closer, “that would be ma’am”

Well, I know its not much but hopefully it's just enough to keep you enticed. 

Thanks for reading and please check out the other authors on this blog hop.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sat Spanks

This is my first time on Sat Spanks!! I am so excited to be here sharing a little excerpt with you from my book 'Taming the Preachers Daughter'.

“I love you Savannah, you know why this has to be done. I want you to lay across my knees.”
Savi hesitantly did as she was asked, as she went over his knees, her short dress began to rise up. Her bottom and her panties were now exposed. It took a moment before Eric started the spanking. He wanted to make sure he had control over his emotions. Once he started spanking her, Savi could no longer control herself, she started to squirm. Slap! His hand had made contact with her bottom, he could feel her rear end jiggle underneath his hand, he watched as her light pink skin started to redden under his hand. The tears that were once in her eyes started streaming down her face, staining Eric’s pants. Smack! Smack! Smack! He made sure to get her sit spot each time, rotating from cheek to cheek. She had no protection from Eric’s hand. He could feel the heat rising up from her bottom as he continued on. He swatted her fifteen times before he stopped, not wanting to scare her being this was her first spanking.

That's all I have for today,  Thank you for spending your Saturday with me.