Friday, August 22, 2014

Just the begining

I am new to this thing they call blogging and writing, but boy am I enjoying myself. When I was a young girl I always dreamed of writing books, but I never had enough self confidence. I would write something and then throw it away for fear of judgement, I did this for years until I finally just gave up on writing. I still have no confidence in what I am writing, but I am determined to finish, even if no one ever sees it.

I am in the middle of a coming of age Domestic Discipline story. I knew nothing about about Domestic Discipline a few weeks go, but then I read a few books containing it. I find it so intriguing and intimate. I am now reading just about any blog, I can get my hands on just so I can learn more. I am more than excited to finish this book and learn more and more about Domestic Discipline. If you have any helpful tips or just a piece of advice I'd love to hear it.

I am nervous that one day someone might actually read what I have written. This is all just a crazy whirlwind. I am very excited to see if this can open any doors for me. Maybe I'll get published maybe I won't. One thing I do know is that I will be fulfilling a passion I have always had. The hardest thing for me so far is writing in third person, how do you guys do that? When I wrote before, I always wrote in the first person, and maybe next time I will. But for now, third person it is.

Sorry for all the rambling. Maybe one day I'll figure this all out.

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  1. Welcome Danielle! I know exactly how you feel! Literally last month, I was you. My first book got published about three weeks ago, and a month ago I was so sure that no one was going to buy my book and if they did, they were going to hate it...turns out I was wrong. I'm sure that your book is going to be amazing! I think that you're publishing with Stormy Nights Publication. Trust me, they wouldn't be working with you to publish your book if they didn't think it was good.

    Keep writing and remember if you ever have questions or need help, your Facebook Family will do all that we can to help you out. Good luck on your release and make sure to post about it, so I can buy a copy! ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for the support. I currently do not have a publisher, I do have an idea of who I would like to work with. But I do have some wonderful support.

    Congratulations on your book! That is so exciting. I will have to look for your book. I am very intimidated by this whole idea.