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For today's post I thought I'd veer away from posting about 'Taming the Preachers Daughter' and post something about an actual WIP. Please remember this is raw and unedited.

I am currently working on another book featuring Savi and some of the other characters from the previous book, it will be more like a compilation of short stories. The first short story is about Savi and Eric and the trials they face as newlywed couple. If you read 'Taming the Preachers Daughter' then you know that they didn't court very long and did not live together before the wedding.

Without further ado, I give you my first excerpt of this project.

As Eric stood in his living room looking at the trail of filth that followed Savi throughout the apartment, he could feel the anger and disappointment welling up in him. He couldn’t believe that someone could be okay with living this way. There were plates full of food on the coffee table, garbage sitting on the couch. Even a dog toy in the middle of the floor. They didn’t even own a dog, he couldn’t fathom why that would be in their apartment to begin with. Eric took a few deep breaths, pushed some garbage out of the walkway before he went looking for his wife.
Knowing she would be in her favorite place, he went directly there. Just like he assumed she would be, he found her soaking in a vanilla scented bubble bath. Watching her as she soaked in the old claw foot bathtub, bubbles covering everything but the tip of her knees and the top of her breasts. Her golden curls held in place with a pencil atop her a head and her nose deep into a romance novel, oblivious that Eric was watching her from the doorway.
Slowly he made his way into the bathroom, he sat along the edge of the tub and pushed the book down away from her face. Looking into his wife’s beautiful chocolate eyes, he placed a kiss upon her soft lips, inhaling her pheromones.
“Hey baby, why don’t you turn around? I’d like to wash your back” Instantly he could see that she was excited by the idea. A smile appeared across her face, as she did as she was asked. Eric then grabbed her purple loofa off the hook and put her favorite jasmine scented body wash on it. He drew small circles on her back with the loofa as he spoke.
“There are a few things that I would like to talk about with you Savannah. I know you have been busy with school and all, but there is some work that needs to be done around the house.” Eric paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. “It doesn’t just stop because you’re tired.” He continued washing her back, gently moving to her shoulders, he tenderly placing a kiss upon her collar bone. “I think it’s time that you took on more responsibilities around the house.”
Savi turned around to face Eric, sitting up, her full breasts completely exposed. “Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?”
Having a hard time concentrating with Savi’s breasts exposed, Eric backed himself away from the tub. “It means that our house is a pig sty, I can’t live like this anymore. I didn’t live in a dirty place before we were married, and I won’t do it now. You really need to start cleaning up after yourself.” Pointing to the bathroom floor, “Look at this Savannah, you have like two weeks’ worth of dirty clothing in here. I can’t even go to the bathroom without tripping over something you left around. I have tried to let it go, because you had your mom here helping, but I can’t take the filth anymore. It has to stop, you need to be more responsible.”
“Eric Matthews, how dare you ridicule me!” Savi yelled at him, and with that she splashed her bath water into his face, soaking his shirt.

We will save the action for another time.  I hope you enjoyed what I shared. And please remember that this is a blog hop and please check out these other amazing authors:

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  1. Love, love, love those old fashion bathtubs. They're deep and two people can really have a lot of fun in them.
    Great start on your new story, Danielle. (Eagerly awaiting the spanking scene ☺ )