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Spy Games Book by Heather Hart


Fresh out of training, the Agency sends Kassie Shannon into the secret world of Robert Redmond. They know he’s using his billion-dollar software company to steal sensitive information. What they don’t know is who he is selling the stolen information to, and it’s her job to find out.

He is a highly organized and secretive individual, and gaining Robert’s trust will be no easy task. But his Achilles’ heel is his passion for the BDSM lifestyle, so she poses as a trainee submissive and puts herself in his path.

Naturally cautious, Robert has never let a woman get under his skin. Until now. There’s something appealing about this inquisitive brunette with her oddly changeable personality and her passion for all things painful. He agrees to become her master, but soon falls for the chameleon beauty who is quickly becoming the most promising novice he has ever trained.

For Kassie there’s one big problem, though. The first rule of spying is not to fall in love on the job. Yet it’s hard to keep a professional detachment when your mark is all you ever wanted in a partner, and one who keeps opening doors to pleasures she never knew existed.

Still, sooner or later she will have to choose between two opposing demands—the cause she believes in, or the man she is bound to. Whichever choice she makes, it is likely that no one will win.

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What did he have in mind for her this time? She dropped her purse on the floor by her feet and spread her legs apart, grounding herself on the cold marble. Then, one by one, she slowly flipped out each remaining button, taking care not to open the dress to show her naked flesh, but teasing him, urging him to step forward and touch her because, somehow, even though she should have remained detached, she really wanted him to make a move on her. Her very skin ached with desire, and she closed her eyes, imaging his mouth on hers, his skin on hers, his cock inside her. She was burning with unexpected passion, and her hand dropped to her side, waiting for his next instruction, hoping, as ever, he would take things to the next level.

Author Bio

Heather Hart is a British author who lives with her family in Maryland. She’s a writer of hot erotic and romantic fiction – an eclectic mix of innocence and dirt in a hyperactive imagination.

When she’s not frantically scribbling away she’s a cat worshipper and curry fanatic. If you like what she writes, please feel free to drop her a line at authorheatherhart@gmail[dot]com.

Interview with Heather Hart

Now, Heather, tell us about Spy Games – Assassins.
Assassins is a power-play story about a novice spy.  She masquerades as a submissive to bring down a man thought to be selling secrets to the enemy. But what begins as a mission soon turns into a journey of self-discovery, in a world where nothing is quite what it seems. The idea came out of nowhere and it’s been a lot of fun writing about Kassie and Robert. They get up to a lot of naughtiness and always manage to surprise me.

Can you tell us what you are working on now?
Sure.  ‘Kinky Assassins’ and ‘Stolen Love’ were released together in November, and the third in the series, ‘A Swinging Christmas’ will be out  in December. So the next book will actually be the fourth in the series – and at the moment it’s tentatively called, ‘The Player’s Club.’ Like most of my stories I’m thrashing it out in my head first, but once I have a strong outline, it won’t take long to get it down.

What books have most influenced your life most? 
Oh, so, so many - - it’s hard to pick a few. I have always adored Oscar Wilde, Hardy, Austen and Dickens. But I like modern stuff too, and go gaga for the Harry Potter series, just like everyone else. The first erotica I ever read was, ‘The Story of O.’ And yes, it turned me to on read it. It’s a great example of well-written erotica.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? 
I have different mentors at different times. The last book I finished was Stephen King’s, ‘On Writing,’ but now I’m reading, ‘The Dark Witch,’ by Nora Roberts. Every writer I have ever read is a mentor to me – I like to study their voice and sentence structure – if I love something I like to rip it apart and ask myself why it worked - - it’s a great way to hone your craft.

Do you use a pseudonym? If so how did you choose it?
Heather Hart was a bit of a lottery. I love attending the Blushing chat night, and threw some choices out there.  Maggie Ryan (love her) helped me choose this one.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?
Sometimes a character name just comes to me, and sometimes they have meaning. But it’s entirely random. I recommend choosing names that are appropriate for the setting, and I use Google if I’m looking for historically appropriate names.

Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?
I won’t be writing a mathematics book any time soon – just saying.

What item, that you don't have already, would you most like to own?
A Mercedes SUV. Too shallow? I don’t care. GIMME ONE.

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